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Save 15% Off Potent-Sea Omega-3 | Shop Now

Liver Tonic - FAQ

Will this detox” my pet?

It will help to support your animals Liver, Kidneys,  Gall Bladder and Pancreas. All of these organs are paramount in the detoxification process. So by supporting them it helps those organs to detoxify in a healthy way. We have seen great results in helping the liver to work at detoxifying against drugs and chemicals. For example antibiotics, steroids, NSAD’s Flea and Tick control…


Will my pet experience uncomfortable side effects?

The wonderful thing about this product is it is so gentle yet so effective, we have not had any experience with any animals feeling uncomfortable in fact, it is the opposite! Often the animal will feel so much better because the are gently and correctly detoxifying!


Will this interfere with other liver medications?
We have used it for years with animals that are on all kinds of liver medications but it is ALWAYS best to check with your veterinarian if your animal is on any medication.