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Homeopathy for Animals in the 21st Century
Homeopathy for animals has come a long way since Dr. Hahnemann's time, but there are still so many obstacles to overcome. It's a vital treatment methodology that I've seen work in thousands of cases. This is how I practice.
Equine Health: Turn Your Horses Out
Horses give their all for us. They are a gift to those of us lucky to share our lives with them. Whatever our equestrian discipline may be, we must honour that horses need to be horses outside of our human world. Field turnout is an essential way to do that.
Hand Sanitizer and Pets: How to Be Safe When Using it
Everywhere we go right now we’re being told to WASH OUR HANDS. And, if hand washing isn’t an option where you are in the moment, then hand sanitizer is just as good. And this is so important to help flatten the curve. But you need to be careful when using it around your animals.


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