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Save 15% Off Soil & Sea* | Shop Now

Raw Hemp Oil - FAQ

Why Raw Hemp Oil vs Fish Oil?

Fish oil is processed, which results in heat and can lead to the oil itself becoming rancid long before it makes it’s way to your animal’s food bowl. Rancid oils will be inflammatory instead of fulfilling their intended purpose of reducing inflammation. 

We believe strongly in sustainability. Anything that is taken from our oceans is removing a food source for those animals that live in the ocean and therefore harming the food chain.

Another factor is the toxicity of the oceans…feeding fish from the sea can mean heavy metals and contaminants going into your pet! 


When shouldn’t I use Hemp Oil?

If you are feeding a diet comprised solely of chicken (which would be unlikely!) then Hemp Oil is not the best choice for an oil.


How do I store it?
Once opened, store your Heightened Hemp in the fridge.