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Anti Vaccinosis - FAQ

Will this interfere with medications and vaccinations?

The Anti Vaccinosis is comprised of homeopathic remedies that are widely known to help to clear the effects of the carriers used in vaccines without removing any of the “benefits” of the vaccines themselves.


How many times can I repeat the cycle?

You can repeat they cycle once a month to once a week as long as every time you repeat it you are seeing positive results. If you are doing it weekly it should not be repeated for longer than 1 month then you can go to once per month and again so long as each time you do your animal is getting better


How do I clean the pump if it contacts the mouth of my pet?

You can wipe the pump down with alcohol on a clean paper towel.


If I am using the protocol, is there benefit to repeating the Anti Vaccinosis?
Yes please see above. You would be repeating because you are getting benefits ongoing with each repetition. Often the reason this happens is because a large portion of the chronic issue has been from over vaccination