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Probiotic Flash Sale. Save 20% off select Probiotics. Use Discount Code: PRO20
Excessive Shedding - Not the Norm!

Excessive Shedding - Not the Norm!

Does your pet suffer from excessive shedding?? 

Did you know that shedding is a sign of stress - your pet’s body is trying to tell you something! 

If your pet sheds more than twice a year and it seems like you have enough hair for a clone, it is something to pay attention to and there is something you can do about it!

Mild to moderate shedding seasonally as your dog or cat changes coat from Winter to Summer and back the other way can be a normal part of life. If it seems continual, it could be that your pet’s body is working through some kind of stress or hardship.

Overall immunity is always our approach to making sure your pet is comfortable and as resistant to ailments as possible. Over 80% of the immune system is housed in the gut, so it makes sense to start there when looking to “boost” wellness at it’s foundation.

How to Help with Excessive Shedding

There are several ways that you can help boost the immune system and help with the excessive shedding.

1. Consider a good pre and probiotic. Dysbiosis is a microbial imbalance in the body…it basically means that the “bad guy” bacteria has taken over the “good guys” and it leaves your pet open to certain illnesses and can be the start of them becoming unwell. The PRE biotic is an important element in the product you choose, you want the probiotic (good bacteria) to flourish and that is the job of the prebiotic.

2. Digestive Enzymes can be of huge benefit! They can take the stress off of the digestive system by offering support to break down proteins and fats. Enzymes can help with more than shedding - improving symptoms of allergies, vomiting, stool eating and helping rid the body of yeast.

It is important to look for products with multi-strain probiotics, no fillers and both plant and animal based enzymes for the most benefit. All of these things can be found in one with our Healthy Gut :)

3. The third factor that can help with skin and coat health is offering your pet a pure source of Omegas. Omega 3 fatty acids can help to improve coat and can also make the skin stronger, less flaky and more supple. Think of it as moisturizing from the inside out!

So save your Lulu’s - there is nothing worse than heading to a yoga class looking like you wrestled a lion in the parking lot! Add three simple things to your pet’s daily regime to improve overall immunity and reduce the miles on your vacuum at the same time!

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